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Benefits of Geriatric Massage

Benefits of Geriatric Massage

As a result of using proper geriatric bodywork tecniques, it is almost impossible to do  damage to patients. Massage has many benefits to the care of both the robust and the frail edlerly.

Some Benefits are:

Social Interaction

Improvement in the Length & Quality of Sleep

Reduces Stress, Fear & Anxiety

Deepens Relaxation & Breathing

Stimulates Bowels & Lymph Flow

Releases Endorphins

Creates a Sense of Well Being and Decreased Isolation

Maintans Range of Mothion

Softens Hardened Muscles & Connective Tissue

Preventing/Overcoming Depression

Reduces Headaches, Pain & Inflammation

Maintaining a Healthy Immune System

Reduces Headaches, Pain & Inflammation

Increases Circulation

Stimulates Nervous System

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